QR Code Done Right at @AJBombersMSN – AJ Bombers Madison

QR Code - AJ Bombers - Madison, WI

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know I'm not a big fan of QR codes. The reason is that I always see people using them who just don't understand them. Of course, there's an exception to every rule, and I found a great exception at AJ Bombers in Madison, WI today. Joe Sorge, the amazing Continue Reading

Dilbert is a Social Poser – Kind of Like a Doctor

As noted on my About page, the intent of this blog to share my observations of the good and bad things I see people doing with social media. My primary goal is to provide advice to the people and businesses I encounter who could use some help on their social media strategy and tactics. I'll never Continue Reading

Help! Please Share Your Input on Auto Dealer Advertising Assessments

Ford Explorer Price - MSRP and Destination

On June 17th, I tweeted and posted I’m Buying a 2011 Ford Explorer in Madison, WI. Who Wants my Business?. I've reached an agreed price on a 2012 Ford Explorer, but with a dealer about an hour away from Madison, WI. It's a great story, and I really want to tell the world, but I have one small Continue Reading

Socialnomics: About as Exciting as a Two Year Old Dog

ROI of Social Media

Erik Qualman, the author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business (affiliate link), has uploaded the third version of his highly popular and viral Social Media Revolution video. I have to admit that I was excited about this discovery... at first. If you Continue Reading

I’m Buying a 2011 Ford Explorer in Madison, WI. Who Wants my Business?

Ford Explorer tweet

I'm in the market for a 2011 Ford Explorer, and I'm turning it into a case study. I posted this on Twitter a couple hours ago: I also posted this on Facebook, visible to everyone: I was able to find three local Ford dealerships on Twitter - @KayserFord, @CapitolFordKia and Continue Reading

Klout Gets PWN3D by Empire Avenue

Klout, Empire Avenue and TweetStats combined

Last week I posted 5 Reasons Why Klout is Total BS, which generated a lot of comments, including comments from Megan Berry, the marketing manager at Klout, and Sanford from PeerIndex. Influence doesn't take a vacation One of the five reasons I discussed was "Influence doesn’t take a vacation." My Continue Reading

Plugin test – disregard

Disregard, as I'm just testing a wordpress plugin Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Klout is Total BS

Klout score graph

I'm convinced that Klout Score is total BS. On the Klout website, they say it's "the measurement of your overall online influence" but I'm not buying it. Here's why. 1. Influence doesn't take a vacation On April 30th, I left the country for a well-deserved vacation. As you can see in the graph Continue Reading